Monday, July 15, 2013



Growing up I heard the term "heartstrings" and basically understood the meaning of the word. But it wasn't until I actually felt them, physically, or perhaps emotionally, that I truly knew what the word meant. It actually feels as if you have strings on your heart that are embedded in the very tissue surrounding the heart. Those strings are attached to something outside your body, perhaps to someone you love.

When the love is good, the tugging of those heartstrings is a reminder of the power of your love for that someone. But what do you do when they are yanking and pulling at your heart in a fruitless struggle? How can you cut heartstrings?

I tried ignoring them. They yank on my heart at the strangest times. I tried to visualize slicing them. The pull is still there.

How do you make it go away?


No. Apparently not.

Keeping busy?

Remember the ignoring bit? Didn't work.

Finding a replacement tugger?


I need a surgeon...I want the heartstrings severed. The pain of the surgery has to be far better than the pain of having your heartstrings pulled by someone who is no longer there.

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