Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Favorite Things

These are my worn cowboy boots

A few of my favorite things....

* cowboy boots worn so often that they hug your feet perfectly

* the loud squeak, then POP of a screen door slamming in your great-grandmother's house

* the gentle whir of box fan to cool you off in summer

* sitting at my drafting table in my studio creating something completely unique

* curling up with my two teenage kids when they need their mama, because they still do sometimes

* hearing " do do do do, do di do"

* the silence of the early morning when everyone else is still asleep

* nuzzling noses with a horse and inhaling that beautiful smell

* grabbing my camera and heading to New Mexico to explore

* a perfect glass of wine

* trying to be mad at someone but they just make you laugh hysterically instead

* knowing that all is well in your world

* sunflowers in your garden reaching out to the sun each morning

There are so many little things in life that make us happy, make us smile. I keep a journal where I try to fill a page each day with a few of my favorite things, things for which I am grateful, people who make me laugh, words that inspire me.

What makes you happy?  Take a few minutes to think about them, write them down.  The next time you are frustrated or unhappy, go to that list...really take some time to absorb it.  You'll be smiling in no time.  Works for me!


Stephen said...

I liked your favourite things, some of mine which aren't on yours are:

1. The sound of wind in leafy trees.

2. The sound of snow falling on a silent icy morning.

3. The feeling of sitting by a hot fire or radiator in the winter.

4. Waking up on saturday morning and thinking "it's the weekend".

5. Seeing an episode of old Star Trek on TV and realising it is one of the good ones.

Stephen said...

Great blog and nice diverse topics.

Libby said...

Hope you don't mind! I just loved it so much, I had to "borrow" your idea.

Kelli Thomas said...

Thank you Stephen and Libby!

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