Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Village Boy, Kamdesh, Nuristan, Afghanistan 1992

Today I gave my students a writing exercise.  They were to choose a photo out of a pile and write about it.  I decided to try the exercise myself.  The photo below was taken by Steve Curry and published in Outside Magazine.  It is titled, "Village Boy, Kamdesh, Nuristan, Afghanistan, 1992".

He couldn't have been more than twelve years old, but had the furrowed brow of a middle-aged man.  His glassy green eyes were filled with a lifetime of sadness, a lifetime of pain.  A dusty wool Pawkul hat with its cinnamon colored roll sat atop his head, the stubble of a buzz cut peaking out from beneath.  The dirt smudged on his face matched the tattered shirt he wore.

"I'm tired," said his eyes.  "I'm scared.  I'm alone."


Anonymous said...

This is really inspiring. In class at the moment we're doing something similar. I wrote a poem but I didn't have a picture to base it around, this one is perfect. Your an amazing writer, I hope to be able to write like that by the time I leave high school. :) -R

Anonymous said...

I feel I know him for years. I like him, he is true. This is a photo from 1990, so he is my age-mate. I wish him good luck in this war-torn world - from thousands of miles away.

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