Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer Vacation?

With only a few days left in the month of June, I am wondering what is happening to my summer vacation.  You know, that thing that teachers all get where they get to sit around and do nothing all day.  I honestly don't remember the last time I had a "summer vacation" that was spent sitting around doing nothing all day.  In fact, have I ever?  My summer vacations are usually spent trying desperately to catch up on all the things I can't get done during the school year.  And, for the last four or five years, I have had something major to deal with over the summer:  cancer, ending a six-year relationship with my boyfriend, estate sale, moving, hysterectomy.  This summer it is moving....again.

The first week of this summer vacation, Caroline and I traveled to Colorado.  We were thinking of moving to the Centennial State and this trip was mainly to scout out locations.  We ended up spending the majority of our time in the Boulder/Ft. Collins area.  We both loved both places but still weren't sure if this was something we really wanted to do, but we were certainly leaning towards it.   As we drove home, I thought about all the places I would try to find a job in Colorado, what I might be interested in, how nice it would be to live in a gorgeous state with majestic mountains and breathable air. 

After spending a beautiful week in Colorado, Caroline and I came home to a notice from my apartment complex that they were raising the rent.  After reading the notice, I went into panic mode.  If I didn't sign a one year lease by July 1, my rent (with garage) would go up to $1,034 a month.  I could barely afford what I was already paying.  So, I immediately started looking for another option.  Apartments were too high or too crappy to live in.  Maybe a house?  Damn, houses were going for $1,100 a month or higher!

Then, I stumbled across a small two bedroom house with a Florida room.  Despite the fact that it is one street south of my ex-mother-in-law, and was fairly small, it was the right price.  It was cheaper than my apartment before the rent increase and it had space for my studio in the Florida room. 

The owners had just closed on the house a few days prior to my seeing it.  It was in a state of chaos as they were in the process of renovating.  But this house, built in the mid 1950's, had charm.  I knew immediately that this was the place for us. 

For the last few weeks, we've been stopping by periodically to check on the progress of the house.  It is coming along beautifully.  I have also been making all the preparations necessary to move again....transferring service, packing, getting rid of stuff we don't need.  At night, curled up in bed, my mind envisions our new home, how we will decorate it, how nice it will be to be out of the apartment. 

My mind also fixates on my studio.  It will be small but it will be bigger than anything I have ever had.  It will be a perfect space to work in.  I can close the doors and drift off into my own creative world.  I imagine how I will lay out the space, where my drafting table will go, what supplies I will keep in the studio, which ones I will store in the garage.  New ideas are swimming in my head and I am so anxious to start tackling them.  I'm working on a sign to hang inside that says "Laughing Horse Studio".  I even had new business cards made:  Laughing Horse Studio - Art/Photography.

So even though my summer is almost half over and I haven't really had any time to just kick back and relax, I'm happier than I've been in a long time.  I'm stressed and tripping over boxes, cranky and tired of everything being in a mess, but I'm happy.  Really happy.  I'm looking forward to what my future holds.  I finally feel as if I am on the right track, right where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.  And it feels really good.

Now, if I can just get moved into the new house and relax for a bit....ahhhhhh.

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