Friday, April 29, 2011

Twilight Zone

When you are in the depths of a cave, immersed in the obsidian absence of light, there is a point when you finally start to see a glimmer of natural light.  This area, illuminated ever so slightly, but not directly receiving the sun's caress (or moon's kiss), is called the twilight zone.  It is at this time that you know your long journey through the cave is ending and you are about to emerge into the brilliance of the outside world.

I have just entered the twilight zone in my life.  This adventurous cave trip I have been on for the last decade or so has been both exhilarating and terrifying at times, but I can finally see the light.  I'm almost there.  No, this isn't the famous white light that people see when they have a near-death experience.  This is the light of freedom, of knowing, of understanding.  It is the light of authenticity, of clarity, of peace. 

Each step I take, each climb I make in a cave, I learn something about myself.  I learn to test myself and push myself in ways I never thought possible.  I stumble and fall, then stand up too fast and hit my head - that's why I wear a helmet.  But I pick up and move on.  Even when belly-crawling through the tightest passages, scraping my shoulders and cheeks on protruding rocks, feeling the weight of the earth above me, I keep crawling, keep pushing on. 

My journey through this particular, spectacular cave is coming to an end.  I can see the light.  It's time to crawl out and envelop myself in the magnificence of what is waiting on the other side.  It's time for new adventures, with new people, in a new place.  It's time to face the fear of the unknown, embrace it, and kick its ass!

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