Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quiet Time


As a mom of two teenagers, a fourth grade teacher, and a morning daycare director, those things are rarely attained.  I feel lucky if I can steal a couple of minutes to inhale my breakfast or lunch in silence.

My goal for weeks now has been to wake up early and meditate, do some yoga, have a little quiet time to myself.  Each morning the alarm goes off at 4:00am, and each morning I hit snooze, again and again.  "Not today, not today.  I'm too tired.  Just let me lay here for a little longer", I would always say out loud to no one in particular.

This morning when the alarm sounded at 4:00am, I hit snooze again, but only once.  After falling asleep around 8:00pm last night, I was fairly rested.  As I lay there snuggled up in my warm bed, thinking of coffee, my body stiff and achy, I thought how ridiculous it was that I wasn't getting up every morning to stretch and have some quiet time.  Since I go to bed earlier than the kids, this is the only time in the day I have completely to myself.  I crave it and get cranky when I don't get it occasionally.  Plus, I am always preaching to everyone how important it is to keep your body flexible as you age.  Clearly I need to follow my own advice.  I've seen my reflection walking down the hallways of my school.  I look like Sasquatch, lumbering heavily, leaning slightly forward as I slowly make my way to wherever.

So this morning, I rolled out of bed at 4:15am, got a cup of coffee and turned on the tv.  Cox Communications has a Health/Wellness channel with a meditation segment.  I chose the desert setting and sat there stretching my body, trying to release all the built up tension from the night before.  With relaxing, soulful music playing softly, the only light in the room coming from the desert images on tv screen, it was a perfect way to wake up my body and mind.  It felt amazing.  With each stretch I felt myself coming to life, slowly.

I am only 44 years old, entirely too young to have my body hurt so bad at night that it is hard to roll over.  And it is completely my fault.  I've been working on my mind for the last few years and have neglected the body. 

As I write, it is just after 5:00am.  I feel energized and relaxed.  I am a morning person and feel most productive in the morning.  I know what a difference morning stretching and quiet time can make in my life.  Now I just have to implement it daily. 

So, here's to a great day everyone!  Sasquatch will have a spring in her step this morning!

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