Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Days

Last week the national and local weather reporters were antsy with excitement over a brewing winter storm that would blanket most of the country. Living in the weather armpit of our nation for most of my life, I knew that it could be hit or miss. We could be graced with a delicate snow that would bury us in a winter wonderland or slammed with a vicious ice storm that could cause power outages and rampant stupidity. Time would tell.

Before going to bed on the eve of the approaching storm, I opened the blinds to my bedroom window. I knew there was an obnoxious security light that was an ever-present peeping Tom looking into my bedroom. But I also knew the snow would be sneaking in during the night and I wanted to be able to watch its progress.

Snuggling deep into my bed, pulling the covers up over my ears to keep me warm, I longed for a soft, gentle snow that would satisfy my need for some evidence of winter. Living in Oklahoma, I have found that on the occasions when we do experience winter weather, it is an experience that is very short lived. More often than not, we are hit with an ice storm that encases the state and its power lines with a thick sheath of ice and renders most of its residents as incapacitated, complete morons.

Throughout the wee hours of my slumber I awoke periodically, as I so often do, and found the sky to be alive with graceful, white dancers, pirouetting through the sky and falling gently upon the ground. Watching the dancing snowflakes as they floated to their final resting place, I felt as if the performance had been for my eyes only.

The following morning I opened my eyes and saw my much anticipated "Winter Wonderland". The Oklahoma wind had done its number on the snow. Areas of grass were exposed while other parts of the landscape were nowhere to be found underneath three and four foot snow drifts. Knowing that school had already been cancelled the night before, I burrowed deeper into my comforter and pillow with the satisfaction of knowing I didn't have to get up until I was ready.

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