Sunday, October 24, 2010

6 Pages

It is Sunday, October 24. Despite the fact that I said I absolutely did NOT want any teenagers in my house over Fall Break except the two I gave birth to, I had an apartment full of them last night. Caroline's best friend spent the night as did Brad's best friend and then two friends from Texas.

For the last few hours, I have holed myself up in my bedroom as they slowly found their way back to their own homes. It has been a productive time. I've written six, typed pages of a story. It's just flowing out of me. We'll see what happens, but it feels really good to be writing something other than just blog posts or writing exercises. It feels natural.

The thought of returning to school tomorrow is honestly, ugh, I'm really just trying to NOT think about it. The last four days have been a little slice of heaven - curled up reading, writing, cooking, sleeping. I even did a little shopping and got a few things for myself. It was so nice to just relax and take care of "me". And the end result? Six pages written this afternoon. It's amazing what you can create when your brain doesn't feel as if it is being squeezed by a giant vice. This feels right. When I am at school, it never, ever feels "right".

I have to do what feels right, even if everyone around me cautions me against it. They don't know what is right for me and although I know they have my best interests at heart, they don't know what it is that I need. I do know, however, and starting now, that will be my main focus so that I can be there fully for those around me that need me as well.

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