Sunday, July 25, 2010


I went to church today - twice. Brad and I went to the 11:30 am service and then I returned for the 6:00pm service alone. It was the exact same service, but I think I needed to hear it twice.

I'm not an overly religious person, but I do have very strong beliefs. The message today was about having faith and never giving up when we are faced with extraordinary circumstances in life. As I feel that I have been facing extraordinary circumstances in one way or another for the last ten years, it was a powerful message. I continue to find myself dealing with my issues alone and that makes it very difficult. I feel very defeated at times.

After this morning's service I made a decision to explore the church commnity a little bit. I need to get on a new path with my life, meet new people, find a circle of friends perhaps. Who knows? Maybe I'll even find a good man who wants to share his life with me. Even though I have given up on dating for 2010, it would be nice to have someone to just hang out with.

The church I went to seems to have a diverse group of people attending and is large enough that I feel as if I can find a group of people that I would click with. We'll see.

In the meantime, today's message keeps swirling through my head about never giving up, keeping the faith, letting go of those toxic people or relationships that don't do you any good. The message was about continuing to do good and you will be rewarded. I have to have faith in that because I feel like I have worked so hard at doing the right thing for so long and I just continue to have more happen. Maybe by cutting some ties, heading in a new direction, I will find that peace of mind that I have been searching for.


Juleah said...

Kelli, that is so wonderful! That makes my day, really! I hope and pray that you find those relationships that you desire. Keep posting.

Kelli Thomas said...

Thanks Juleah....Mom told me you had a conference call to let her and Linda know about my post! That was too funny!! I didn't know you were still reading this blog.

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