Sunday, January 10, 2010


A very good friend of mine really likes my random graphic designs. In explaining how I do the designs I realized that they are very reflective of me and who I am. I sit in front of a white sheet of paper, pen in hand, staring at the paper, waiting for the design to come to me. I get an idea and put it down on the paper and let it evolve. There is order, yet randomness....much like me. The designs can be all over the page, or contained within an outline, yet totally abstract inside that outline.

Interesting parallels I thought. So, I decided to post a couple of my designs on here. I have to say that they are one of my favorite projects to work on. It is very relaxing to just sit and let the ideas flow. Watching a blank sheet of white paper transform into one of my designs is very rewarding. I never know what the final result will be. I also never know what people's reactions will be. My very good friend loved the circle design. My dad just saw, "A bunch of damn circles"! I love my dad! It makes me wonder how people view me and my randomness.....but I like that quality about me. It certainly keeps my life interesting!

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