Saturday, January 9, 2010

Are you the most important person in someone's life?

Are you the most important person in someone's life?

This question was asked of me in an online quiz I took this evening. This quiz was 240 questions long and this is the only question I had to stop and really think about. Unfortunately, I couldn't emphatically answer "Yes!"

My first instinct was that I should be the most important person in the lives of my children, but they are teenagers. I think for my son there is someone else that he considers "the most important person" in his life and I think his girlfriend comes in a close second. I may be somewhere around fourth on his list. For my daughter, I don't know but I think she might consider someone else as well.

It was very sobering to come to the realization that maybe I am NOT the most important person in someone's person who values connection so very much. Don't get me wrong, I know I mean a lot to many people and have touched many lives as a teacher, but am I the MOST important person in someone's life?


I am not.

I am truly sitting here just sort of numb....

My thoughts go to all the people I know and who they would most likely consider the most important person in their lives. I also reverse it and think if THEY are considered as the most important person in someone else's life.

They all are.


Nancy Pico said...

I wish I was my husband's most important person in his life.

Kelli Thomas said...

Nancy, your comment broke my heart. Maybe you should tell him what you wrote. I don't know. Ultimately though, we can't make someone feel a certain way. I loved a man for over thirteen years only to have him move on without me. But in that time, I have realized that even if I'm not the most important person in someone's life, I can be that for myself. There are some people in our lives that maybe shouldn't be. There are people who are there with whom we need more communication.

Best of luck to you. I hope he realizes what a gem he has in you!

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